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The Transcultural Psychosocial Organisation Cambodia (TPO Cambodia) was established in Cambodia in February 1995 as a branch of the Netherlands based NGO “TPO International”. After being registered in 2000 as independent local NGO, “TPO Cambodia” is today the leading Cambodian NGO in the field of mental health and psychosocial interventions. It is TPO’s mission “to support those who are unable to care for themselves due to mental illness, poverty and lack of support by developing programmes that directly benefit people at the grassroots level, by improving their mental health and thereby increase their ability to care for themselves and their families”.

Leitner Center’s Annual Human Rights Award

Congratulation to Dr. Chhim Sotheara and TPO Cambodia for receiving the Leitner Center’s Annual Human Rights Award for 2012.

The Human Rights Award was conferred on Dr. Chhim Sotheara, Executive Director of TPO Cambodia, by the Leitner Center for International Law and Justice at  Fordham Law School in New York City, USA. The Award recognizes the exceptional work of Dr. Sotheara and his team at TPO Cambodia in working to address the needs and rights of those suffering from poor mental health in Cambodia. This Human Rights Award encourages Dr. Sotheara and TPO Cambodia to continue to strive toward helping Cambodians achieve the highest attainable standard of mental health and to better their quality of life.

TPO Cambodia and its Board of Directors would like to thank the Leitner Center for International Law and Justice for this invaluable award.


This website offers a unique collection of materials on gender-based violence during the Khmer Rouge and a description of the transitional justice measures which address this issue in Cambodia today.

Together, TPO, the Cambodian Defenders Project (CDP) and the Victims Support Section (VSS) of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC), want to share the knowledge, experience and resources gathered through our work with Cambodians and people from all over the world encouraging them to learn, discuss and take action against GBV. Link to Website


LIKE GHOST CHANGES BODY – TPO Launches new in-depth study report on Forced Marriage under the Khmer Rouge.


TPO’s newest research report In ‘Like ghost changes body’ – a Study on the Impact of Forced Marriage during the Khmer Rouge Regime significantly contributes to a deeper understanding of the nature and extent of forced ...[more]

Video Interview with Dr Sotheara about Mental Health by TV/Video news Channel of China-Cambodia Friendship Radio (CCFR)


You can now watch an extensive interview (in Khmer) about mental health with Dr Sotheara Chhim, Executive Director of TPO Cambodia. The interview can be found on the TV/Video news channel of the China-Cambodia Friendship Radio...[more]

Dr Sotheara Chhim on baksbat and PTSD on Radio Australia’s ‘Sound Mind’ program with presenter Phil Kafcaloudes


Listen to Dr Sotheara Chhim, Executive Director of TPO Cambodia, talking on Radio Australia’s ‘Sound Mind’ program this week with presenter Phil Kafcaloudes and regular co-host Dr Terry Laidler from Monash University, also a...[more]

បទសម្ភាសន៍វេជ្ជ.ឈឹម សុធារ៉ា ដោយវទ្យុអូស្រ្តាលី



Interview with Dr Sotheara Chhim on Radio Australia


You can now listen to yesterday’s interview with Dr Sotheara Chhim, Executive Director of TPO Cambodia, on Radio Australia. He was interviewed about ‘baksbat’ (broken courage), a culture-based syndrome and its role as...[more]

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